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Some Catalysts are more tolerant of out-of-spec NICs and do not notice any performance degradation. As described in Appendix B: Upgrade to driver version 2. Does not autonegotiate to Mbps, full-duplex. The link fails to come up when the switch port is hardcoded to Mbps, full-duplex or Mbps, half-duplex, and the NIC is set to autonegotiate. This is because one link partner autonegotiates and does not see any autonegotiation parameters from the other link partner and defaults to half-duplex.

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Load latest driver and diagnostic tools available from 3Com. Extremely slow performance when operating at 10 Mbps.

FCS error count is the number of frames that were transmitted or received with a bad checksum CRC value in the Ethernet frame. The most common problems with NIC issues deal with speed and duplex configuration. Extremely slow performance when operating at 10 MB.

Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst Switches to NIC Compatibility Issues

When autonegotiation is disabled, the default value for duplex is 3com 3c905cx-tx-m network card, unless the 0. Use of external or PC card. See Apple technical information library article 3c905ccx-tx-m Link comes up only with autonegotiation for speed and duplex.

Situations such as excessive collisions and 10 Mb ports cause the transmit buffer to become full. Alternatively, manually configure workstations for IPX frame type. In order to resolve this problem, a new Auto Polarity keyword is 3com 3c905cx-tx-m network card in the adapter advanced properties.

It can be important to obtain several sniffer traces from different ports on different switches. This counter must remain at zero.

CSCdz registered customers only. Link flaps continuously after extended operation.

Cisco Catalyst スイッチと NIC との互換性に関する問題のトラブルシューティング

Excessive output rate of traffic. Contact Dell for details on how to disable power management or for more details about this issue. This feature is first integrated into software version 5. The command must be issued for a single 3com 3c905cx-tx-m network card at a time. This restores normal throughput.


As a 3com 3c905cx-tx-m network card, autonegotiation must be disabled in order to manually set the speed and duplex. For useful information that pertains to common connectivity issues with the configuration of the Catalyst switch, refer to these documents:. Counter also increments when the destination address of the packet is learned on the port on which the packet is received. The problem typically occurs after the module is reset or the switch port is disabled and reenabled.

Troubleshooting Cisco Catalyst Switches to NIC Compatibility Issues – Cisco

Delays can be added ranging from 1—60 seconds. Carrier Extension can be used to pad the last byte of a packet, so the packet is aligned on an even-numbered boundary. The frequency of these issues can vary from once a day to 3om a month. For more documentation, refer to 3Com technical support reference 3com 3c905cx-tx-m network card.

Contact Dell technical support and Cisco Technical Support for more details.

As a result, each connected interface must be set to run in full-duplex mode. They are only detected during transmissions of packets longer than 64 bytes.

Contact Apple technical support. 3c905cx-tx–m sections deal with specific 3com 3c905cx-tx-m network card Catalyst switch issues that can affect performance, compatibility, and interoperation of certain NICs.

Network connectivity is dropped every 2—3 minutes or the network card must be reinitialized several times to gain network connectivity. Also, try multiple switches and hubs if applicable. Alignment errors are a count of the number of 3com 3c905cx-tx-m network card received that do not end with an even number of octets and have a bad CRC.

If the ratio of errors to input packets is greater than two or three percent, performance degradation can be noticed.