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It includes brief descriptions of the motherboard components, and illustrations of the layout, jumper settings, and connectors. Backwards compatible with current USB 1. Italics Used to emphasize a word or a phrase. From your Windows desktop, click on Start, then select My Computer. F10 key can be used for this operation. Reboot the system from the hard disk.

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Do not forget to connect the fan cables to the fan connectors. The system may become unstable and may asus k8v-x se soundmax difficulty powering up if the power supply is inadequate. View the online help for detailed information.

Select Disabled if you do not wish to display the detected temperatures.

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Visit the ASUS website www. A configurable field is enclosed in brackets, and is highlighted when selected. Remove the caps only when you are connecting the front panel audio cable.

We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Enables USB host controllers. EXE to run the CD.

Check local regulations for disposal of electronic products. Contact a qualified service technician or your retailer. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies. The use of shielded cables for connection of the monitor to the graphics card is required to assure compliance with FCC regulations. If an asus k8v-x se soundmax device is detected, the onboard audio controller is asus k8v-x se soundmax if no audio device is detected, the controller is disabled.

For example, selecting Main shows the Main menu items. Some of the navigation keys differ from one screen to another. The succeeding screen displays the status of the update process.


Soundmax driver for win 7

When a corrupted BIOS is detected, the following screen message appears. The System Panel connector is color-coded for easy and foolproof connection. If all the necessary files are found in the floppy disk, the BIOS update process continues.

The firmware hub on the motherboard stores the Setup utility. Thus, connection cannot be made on the first try. In 6-channel mode, the function of this jack becomes Front Speaker Out.

The default and configuration options vary depending on the speed asus k8v-x se soundmax AGP card you installed.

System Memory Displays the auto-detected system memory. Follow the hard disk drive documentation when setting the device in master or slave mode. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. If you are not sure about the voltage of the electrical asus k8v-x se soundmax you are using, contact your local power company.

When set to Last State, the system goes into asus k8v-x se soundmax off or on state whatever the system state before the AC power loss. After you have set a password, this item shows Installed. Do either one of ass following to create a bootable floppy disk. When the system hangs due to overclocking, C. The CD automatically displays the Drivers menu if Autorun is enabled in your computer. Removing the cap will cause system boot failure!