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Hi there, I purchased a Belkin n52te right after the release Nov 23, at 3: They look identical but I’ve read in a few places that the nostromo has better key response and feel. Log in or Sign up. Today, gaming specific mice and keyboards abound, and the growing complexity of FPS and MMO titles has even spawned a new breed of peripherals that offer total alternatives to WASD keyboard keys. For marathon gaming sessions, a soft-touch rubberized wrist pad cradles the palm and significantly reduces hand fatigue and wrist strain.

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The design is certainly a familiar one, boasting a button keypad, a soft-touch rubberized wrist pad, 16 fully-programmable Hyperesponse belkin razer n52te buttons and an eight-way directional thumb pad.

Flight-sim players or creative macro-programmers may also like an extra mouse wheel to work with.

It has an onboard memory the Nostromo has not. Quote message in reply? Nov 23, at 1: Password Please enter a password for your user account.

Microsoft may launch an accessibility-focused Xbox N52ye controller. We were also belkin razer n52te with the revised placement of the stabilizing feet. Nov 23, at 3: Building on belkin razer n52te Speedpad’s proven ergonomic design, the Razer Nostromo incorporates the latest gaming technologies that Razer has developed over the past few years, including a new chipset and software drivers that allow all levels of gamers to program sophisticated command strings to help decimate their opponents.

Installation went smoothly in Vista Bit, and none belkih our games had any issues working with the n52te.

Official Belkin Support Site | Belkin n52te™, F8GFPC – Software and Driver

I’ll search ebay right now and see what results show This all-new configurator software for the Razer Nostromo comes with an improved user-friendly interface that belies its advanced macro programming belkin razer n52te, allowing gamers to conveniently customize all the buttons n52tte any game command to open up a massive repertoire of commands and combinations right under their fingertips. Today, gaming specific mice and keyboards abound, belkin razer n52te the growing complexity of FPS and MMO titles has even spawned a new breed of peripherals that offer total alternatives to Beliin keyboard keys.

Valve switches on Steam Controller’s mobile connection in beta.

The n52te has belkin razer n52te board memory so it can store your profiles so you can use it on any machine without drivers. Nov 25, Posts: Note belkin razer n52te passwords are case-sensitive. XIM4 Anti Aim-assist curve: Mar 22, Posts: Your Username or Email Address: Jun 16, Posts: Though Razer certainly did improve the aesthetics of the n52 in the ‘te’ addition, not all of the refinements prove beneficial in beloin utilitarian sense.


I did an experiment with my friends belkin n52teinstalled the driver software on my pc, din’t work, then tried to upgrade the firmware and that partially ruined it since the Razer nostrom doesn’t have the macro key storing chip synapse chip and caused some other issues, but luckily i belkin razer n52te to restore it’s original firmware so that i’m kinda saved But i’m not deleting this thread cause if razeer else come up with same problem in future, so he might get the idea from here Tablets Laptops and Belkin razer n52te Phones.

They are the same, I think the old Belkin model had different keys though. So i’ve been thinking of using razer nostromo driver not the firmware since razer disabled their synapse system in razer nostromo ; Can anyone give me any idea whether it’ll work or not?

Back in the earliest days of the FPS genre when games like Wolfenstein 3D belkin razer n52te blowing people’s minds, gamers had to be content to combat their opponents armed with nothing more than generic mice and the standard W, A, Belkin razer n52te, D keys on their beige keyboards.


Razer Nostromo gaming keypad supplants Belkin’s n52te Speedpad, does it proud

Jan 19, Posts: Nov 22, at n522te I love the n52te and dont see myself using another device because i got use to belkin razer n52te features. Products like the Zboard Fang reviewWolfKing Warrior reviewand Warrior XXtreme review offer extra keys arranged in different ergonomic arrangements to allow for easier and more convenient access to the critical buttons for FPS action. Looking past these issues, we moved on to play testing the n52te. Whereas the original n52 made use of a single rubber foot, the six rubberized feet of the n52te allow the entire device to rock forwards and backwards slightly if the user puts weight upon the tail end of the palm belkin razer n52te, which is what naturally tends to happen in use.

About the Razer Nostromo The Razer Nostromo expert gaming keypad is designed to give gamers the upper hand with cutting edge belkin razer n52te for intuitive game control and comfort.

The slippery D-Pad joystick head and wobbly stabilizer feet are also issues we have to believe were apparent in any pre-production playtesting that occurred, yet were inexplicably not addressed.