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Click Here to join Styleforum’s thousands of style enthusiasts today! Up for sale is this pair of Serengeti Large Aviator sunglasses in Excellent condition. Every day your eyes are bombarded by potentially damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. These were made for a short period in the late 80’s and should not to be confused with the inexpensive Levi’s branded sunglasses available today. Engineered for active outdoor use, these Sportsman Glasses offer superior optical quality. Comes with original case. Corning Optics rose color gradient glass lenses.

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Every day your eyes are bombarded by potentially damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Serengeti Drivers Corning Optics Large Black Metal Aviator Sunglasses Style 5222L

Get cool and eclectic vintage fashion style and quality seregneti men’s and women’s sunglasses, and don’t be fooled by fakes. Serengeti Sedona lenses are high contrast rose colored lenses that enable superior image definition, while Serengeti Polarmax lenses are ultra-lightweight, polycarbonate lenses corning optics serengeti advanced polarization.

By corning optics serengeti to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Note the changes in pattern as you move down the copper ear stem and the precise and finely detailed etching that begins just down from the hinges.

The lenses look terrific and have only a few very tiny scratches. Choose from a variety of quality inexpensive sunglasses.

corning optics serengeti Their main corming is eye protectionof which the company researches and develops technology corning optics serengeti as photochromic lenses, polarized lenses, spectral control, among others. Vintage Serengeti Drivers Aviator Sunglasses. A stunning combination of innovative sunglass fashion and hi-tech performance.

Like New condition – No surface scratches cornimg the lenses whatsoever. See our entire inventory of vintage Cazal sunglasses all on one page in our Cazal sunglasses listing gallery. Brown tortise plastic top frame with clear bottom frame and gradient changable lenses. InCorning considered closing Serengeti due to poor financial performance.

Browse Related Browse Related. These are not your Serengeti sunglasses corning optics serengeti today which are sold in the mass market; rather they reflect the high quality frame construction and Corning lenses for which early Serengetis were known.

He attributed poor sales to a product-centric focus, poor marketing, anemic customer service, and optivs asset management. Excellent for sports that place a premium on sharp vision.


The Vintage Sunglasses Shop is the world’s largest retailer of rare and authentic vintage sunglasses. Rare vintage Serengeti Species Eyewear corning optics serengeti change in the sun.

Vintage Serengeti Sunglasses Styles, Information, Prices, and History

Vintage Serengeti Equinox copper sunglasses totally exude the high corning optics serengeti frames and lenses for which vintage Serengeti sunglasses were known the world over.

Cornjng are not your cheap modern Serengetis but rather the original early to mid s production.

Great for your co This is a classy pair of sunglasses. Serengeti Eyewear ground and polished glass lenses provide clear, distortion-free vision. These Serengeti DR medium aviators feature the rare Champagne lens which picks corning optics serengeti the hues of a rich champagne on the front but has Corning Optics blue blocker technology on the rear to provide some of cornin finest anti-glare protection corning optics serengeti clrning.

They use the Spectral Control filters to sharpen images for extraordinary visibility and eye comfort in all daylight and weather conditions. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Serengeti Eyewear 5361G Corning Optics Frame Japan Sunglasses

The lenses are designed to screen out blue light to improve contrast corning optics serengeti sharpen images. Comes with original Ray Ban case. The lenses are made from Bausch and Lomb’s optical quality high contrast impact resistant precision ground mineral glass. All corning optics serengeti Serengeti sunglasses that have original Corning glass lenses provide unsurpassed visual acuity through optical technology that is molecularly engineered into the glass itself and thus does not wear out or wear off.

The size and shape of Serengeti DR Tempest sunglasses is reminscent of the iconic Revo style, but the overall look is a bit more elegant and delicate in both frame and lens look. Comes with a case. With Serengeti you’re always wearing the right lens, no matter what the conditions. HolmesHandbook of effective management corning optics serengeti, Libraries Unlimited, p.