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Try changing the Paper Type setting in the printer driver. Manually sets the IP address allocated to the printer. Custom Size Denotes country-specific factory default value. Does not emit a tone when the printer is ready to process a job. Adjust the humidity or relocate the printer to an appropriate environment. Does not Automatically prints a job history report Print logs can also be printed using the Admin Reports menu.

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The printer will automatically detect the attached tray but will not detect the paper type. Resetting Defaults After executing this function and rebooting scaan printer, all the menu parameters, except the parameters dell 2155cdn scan the network, are reset to their dell 2155cdn scan values.

Multifunction Color Laser Printers. It may be necessary to reset the dell 2155cdn scan time and date if loss of power to the printer occurs. Select the setting you send to the printer from the network items listed in Connect to a network.

Your email address will not be published. This item is available only when the printer is connected using the wireless network This item is displayed when IPv4 Mode is selected.

The task is Go to action dell 2155cdn scan. When the print meter is initialized, the meter count is reset to 0. Allows you to view or edit the name of an entry registered under the speed dial code, or enter a name for the dell 2155cdn scan entry. To save scanned data on a computer. And with automatic two-sided duplex printing, the Dell cdn can help your.

I have an HP series printer. Does not print the received data.


If the printer is on, reboot it by turning the power switch off and then on again. To set the power saver timer: If the specified start time overlaps with the time periods for the available dell 2155cdn scan or the Fax service, the printer cannot send the delayed fax at the specified time.

Select the setting you send to the printer from the network items listed in the available network list, and click Connect. To determine whether or not paper is wrinkled in the fuser. To avoid irregular screen image or malfunctioning of your printer, avoid placing the printer in direct sunlight with the single sheet feeder opened.

Select User ID Enter the password you specified on the printer driver. Displays the MAC address of the wireless printer adapter. Get Environment Click dell 2155cdn scan button to confirm the internal environment sensor Sensor Info information of the printer such as temperature and humidity. Disables the fault time-out. Some applications require different characters at some code points.


Do not use excessive force on the tray. Understanding the Tool Box Menus 0—50 mm To configure the IP address, subnet mask, and gateway address of the printer. To set or change the password that is required to access the setup parameters of the printer from the Dell Printer Configuration Web Tool.

The save date and time are displayed dell 2155cdn scan the docu- ment dell 2155cdn scan is not specified. Dell Document Hub does not store user data — data is deleted when your tasks have been processed. You can also install the Dell wireless adapter by following the instructions described in Installing the Optional Wireless Adapter provided with the wireless adapter.

Specify the time, dell 2155cdn scan then press the Set button.

Font Size See also: Disabling the operator panel menus does not prevent access to the Stored Print dell 2155cdn scan Tray Settings menus.

Select Connect Anyway in the warning dialog box indicating you are entering an unsecured area. Does not perform duplex printing. Server Address dialog box appears. Click to reset the password for the print drivers and remote client account to default.

Dell COLOR PRINTER 2155CDN User Manual

Delete Deletes the specified document from print memory. Performs the initial setup for the printer. Removing the Retard Roller in the Standard Sheet Tray 1 Pull the standard sheet tray out of the printer about mm. On the Options tab, set each setting item, and then click Apply. Clean the feed roller inside the printer if print media does not dell 2155cdn scan correctly. Sign up with Facebook. Improve company productivity with a Business Account.

Are you are experiencing a similar issue? Uses IPv4 to set the IP address. Default Print Displays the default print scn size. The super fine mode is enabled only if the remote dell 2155cdn scan also supports the Super Fine resolution. Displays the number of pages dell 2155cdn scan for each paper size.

Understanding the Printer Menus Sets the value in increments of 0. Do not use ink jet paper in your printer.