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The glossy black finish looks great and the attention to detail is excellent. This minimizes the netbook’s mobility quite a lot. If you compare the SuperPi benchmark results single thread performance , the excitement in view of CPU is kept within a limit. It can almost double the result of its one-core colleague with points. Asus Eee PC N 2, The speaker orientation did cause some problems if you had the system laying on a bed or sitting on your lap. Therefore, especially for a mobile netbook, you have to make sure that no foreign objects can slip between the display and base unit when it’s stowed in various cases and so cause serious damage.

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Review Asus Eee PC N Ion-Notebook – Reviews

An enormous performance gain can be achieved in a few devices UL range and then again this gain stays within limits in others. Eee pc 1201n Our Best Stories! The eee pc 1201n should be ees a similar field in the Asus. First, you’ll be able to play games like World of Warcraft and Spore without restrictions moderately intensive 3D games should be played with all the eye-candy eee pc 1201n off.

You also have the option of sending a digital signal to appropriately equipped monitors with the HDMI port. With a 1201j, black curved case and a glossy shine, the N bears a similarity to other recent EeePC models. If you’re doing the latter, performance and price are pretty much the major metrics.

With a laptop, you need to balance battery life, features, size and weight, design, and other aspects – along with price and performance. The Eee pc 1201n hard drive, three Ees ports, media card reader, Ethernet port, and Webcam are all standard netbook features that you can find in inch netbooks, too.

Your site is amazing, you are helping me a lot every time Thank you. Windows 7 Home Premium. Eee pc 1201n reason is often found in not optimized drivers. The Eee PC N 12001n to the second group.

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I need to change to motherboard of my N. The combination of Nvidia’s nForce i chip set has obviously lifted this barrier.

The compared chips were very close in the eee pc 1201n test. We had no trouble at all drawing perfect circles on the screen or quickly popping the mouse to opposite corners of the display.


Information about integrated mobile broadband internet aren’t yet available. It’s hard to get a feel eee pc 1201n the edges, and the small chromed plastic button-bar beneath is of the rocker type, meaning you’ll have to press clearly on the far left or right for the best click. I need to fix jack only. We found the extra ports useful for plugging in a mouse and leaving extra ports open for USB drives and device charging while on the road.

Unfortunately, the interface has been placed in the very front left area, which could get annoying especially for lefties. eee pc 1201n

You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. News Reviews Insights TechRadar. How to Tell if You’re a Tech Addict. In our opinion, the basically good idea has eee pc 1201n catch, though: We’re okay with the ppc eee pc 1201n design, and though the lid’s glossy black finish is a fingerprint magnet, overall it’s a slick-looking machine.

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Spread plastic latches on both sides of the memory slot until the memory module pops up at a 30 degree angle. Video und Gaming Performance. Perfect, if you’d like to extend the Eee N by eee pc 1201n big, ergonomic display, for example, for using it on the desk at home. We did get a kick out of the bundled voice recognition software: For comparison’s sake, the Intel Eee pc 1201n HP dm3t we just reviewed scored a 1, so while the N is powerful for a netbook, it doesn’t quite match up to a thin-and-light.

Eee pc 1201n noise level measuring device established The battery life of up to six hours turns out satisfactory and eee pc 1201n the Eee N eer feasible mobility. The HDMI port makes a connecting to large format external monitors with a high-quality image transmission possible. This is fine for listening to streaming music or watching a YouTube clip, but not for sharing a movie in a small room.