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A Command – Print Test Card Description Prints a standard test card with printer parameters, version number, and test pattern. From this perspective, the data field of the PS, GS, Z, and vZ commands first becomes a memory-resident image in a designated image buffer. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Don’t have an account? SXY Command – Center Image Maps Printers without Extended Memory can place im- ages in an area by dots, which measures slightly smaller than full-card dimensions. This item cleans the cards entering the printer. Page 28 Rotational parameters clockwise exist for the fol- lowing:

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printef Page 17 Card Thickness: Enter text from picture: Make sure the arrow on top of the assembly This FREE 7-step guide will walk you through choosing the perfect card printer.

The simplest and least expensive option is the laminating machine also eltron p310 card printer as the cut-and-paste or film based method. Send the command directly to the printer port. See C-3 for table of character sets.

T Command – Mag. Ideally, hosts should send com- pressed data, which requires a compatible compression algorithm. IH Command rltron Print Hologram Description This command serves to print the entire address able Varnish image buffer or to reverse print any im- age data line, rectangles, graphics, text, etc.

Operation and maintenance requirements for the P Printer with the optional mag- netic eltroj stripe encoder. Varying the intensity level affects the density amount of the transferred material.

Magnetic Encoding Station B. Enter text from picture: Page 10 The programming commands control the printing process by color and by ribbon material, allowing overprinting and separate control of various multi- ple-overlay finishes. Moves and exits a single card from any position except the Input Hopper to the priter tray. The following table groups commands by function. For Maxs, data downloads alternated with print commands takes eltron p310 card printer of a czrd capability to overlap, and thereby, speed up these operations.

WindCard software, or printer command level programming through the printer interface. Page For Clear and White Card printing: The ID card machine is a component of a more complex system, but the appropriate ID card software can make the integration and use of the ID etron machine easier.

The card automatically read-verifies the encoded data. Sa Command – Self Adjust! The encoder reports a data error when the total number of data characters has exceeded the maxi- mum allowed by physical encoding bit density and the data format in any read or write data func- tion. But proximity cards and contactless smart cards offer 4 distinct advantages: Eltdon card to the Eltron p310 card printer Ready position of Module 1. This eltron p310 card printer places the card being processed into this hopper.

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ID Printing Machines

X Command – Check Command Eltron p310 card printer. After completing a printing pass, the card is reposi- tioned to print the next ribbon panel. Electrical hazard, such as an exposed voltage point, capable of causing electrical shock and personal injury. Discontinued Item Pp310 to Compare. Data Errors Data Errors The encoder will retry, up to six 6 times, any read or write write-verify read operation, before report- ing an error.

Cleaning Other than the recommended cleaning proce- dures described in this manual, allow only Eltron p310 card printer authorized technicians to service the P Printer NEVER loosen, tighten, adjust, or bend, etc. Data Errors The encoder will retry, up to six 6 times, any read or write write-verify read operation, before report- ing an error.

Many dye-sub printers will orinter directly onto intelligent cards such as smart cards eltron p310 card printer proximity cards. Port Signals P3xx and P4xx printers have an optional serial port. This is a first-time rib- bon synchronization used to position a die-cut panel a known offset from the Laminator Station of P card printers.


Conventions Conventions In this manual, the following conventions apply: This command does not return the track data format or density to default values.

Note that replacement to a print head with micron glass can produce faint printing if not offset typically from between and ohms. C abcoffice www. Page 14 Ribbons Five imaging ribbons are offered: However, a separate Print Head cleaning using swabs can remove more stubborn deposites when print anomolies persist.

Page 26 Color Data Color data always enters eltron p310 card printer color image buffer, ei- ther as yellow, magenta, cyan, or in the case of a Considerations KsO ribbon, dye sublimation black. For optimum performance and printer life Print Eltron p310 card printeral- ways use approved ribbons.

An eleventh digit, at the be- ginning, indicates the type of eltron p310 card printer and a twelfth digit is a module check digit. Elyron Command – Print Test Card Description Prints a standard test card with printer parameters, version number, and test pattern. The equation to calculate the Code B bar-code length is: