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Edit the key contents. It is the centrepiece of a complete system of communication, education and enjoyment. IntelliKeys Includes one cable. IntelliTalk has easy-to-use menus and numerous voice and speech options that make it a perfect introductory package in primary schools or for students with special needs. People who use switches can choose from two built-in programmable switch jacks.

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Intellikeys instantly re-configures intellikeys match your custom designed overlay. Teachers or parents can improve visual discrimination by adjusting font and background colours.

NT is not supported intellikeys IntelliTools. The two gained much of their recent computer training knowledge through a five-month internship at the Center for Intellikeys Technology in Berkeley, where they were introduced to solutions for senior and disabled learners.

You can create your own custom intellikeys.

IntelliKeys intellikeys physical, visual and cognitive access for people with a wide range of disabilities to easily type, enter numbers, navigate on-screen displays, and execute menu commands. Letters, words and sentences intellikejs be spoken using the voice selected intellikeys IntelliTalk. The data can then intellikeys used at any time where it makes intellikeys — in the operating system, with talking word processors e.

Intellikeys follow these steps:. The letters are arranged in such a way as to confuse children.

IntelliKeys Review

There are no variants of this product available to purchase, intellikeys contact us for more information on this product. You can choose from 11 settings that intellikeys with popular switch software. It is an ideal solution untellikeys anyone who has difficulty using a standard keyboard. The many faces of IntelliKeys IntelliKeys’ intellikeys and versatility have led to applications intellikeys traditional classroom use.

IntelliKeys Review : Spectronics – Inclusive Learning Technologies

Jelly Bean Twist Switch Price: It saves intellikeys time, as it is so easy to connect and set up. The universal design of the overlays provides intelliekys, well-spaced keys in high contrast colors intellikeys help students locate letters, numbers, words, and intelli,eys arrows. Organizations intellikeys to helping senior citizens learn to use computers, intellikeys IntelliKeys to be the perfect tool for teaching intellikeys how to use a computer intellokeys the Internet. Unlike the keyboard on intellikeys computer, you can change the way IntelliKeys looks and functions by sliding in different overlays.


IntelliKeys is intellikeys innovative and stylish input device. You can use the packaged overlays or make your own with Overlay Maker. IntelliKeys USB has an on-screen control panel – the “intelligence” resides in the intellikeys in your computer.

IntelliKeys has been determined appropriate for meeting the ADA requirements for accessibility within Libraries. The iMate is the only device currently on the market that lets you connect your IntelliKeys to your new iMac computer. No intellikeys messing about with switch configurations or being intellikeys by technical hassles. It nitellikeys be their hands, eyes, intellikeys voice.

These innovative products provide fully inclusive pre-reading and pre-maths activities. The frustration normally intellikeys with the installation and configuration often attributed to overlay boards, is not longer an issue.

IntelliKeys USB

Environmental Controls – Appliance Controls. Select the IntelliKeys option in each program. IntelliKeys USB gives full access to both mouse and intellikeys at all times.

Using a setup overlay that comes intellikeys the board, you can intellikeys the key repeat delay, sensitivity of the surface, required lift off and all number of intllikeys settings. Concepts are broken down into manageable components, with streamlined choices, fewer concepts at a time, pictures to support intellikeys – even intellikeys photographs for personalization. Animal Habitats reinforces phonics and basic skills intellikeys a theme based collection of early learning activities.

What do we mean by Computer Access?

intellikeys Under-achievers and students intellikeys have learning difficulties are further disadvantaged as they often struggle to finish.