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With its 56mm 2. I love it over the old setup. In quiet rooms, the speakers are fine for watching a video clip and listening to music. If you can actually hang on, the little nubbins are barely perceptible and the white ridged rings take on an iPod-clickwheel facade. The back of the X20 has a battery cover that can be removed just like that of a mobile phone. Design The iRiver X20 may be light, but it still feels like it’s too bulky for its weight. Navigation using the clickable wheel is simple and logical:

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About the Author Jenn K. There’s idiver not enough grip iriver x20 your finger and the wheel and it’s a iriver x20 imprecise at landing on menu options. Between the buttons is the hard-to-miss white control wheel.

Each menu and sub-menu was in an understandable order and category. Speaker is quite tinny. Line-in recording MP3 is also iriver x20 using the center button in the “Recordings” irlver. The ifiver of the X20 reveals two nifty features–a user-replaceable battery and dual external speakers–and the bottom of the unit offers yet another compelling extra: As a result, all controls are on the far right-hand side, meaning the player needs to be supported by all four fingers, with the thumb doing the navigation.

Don’t show this iriver x20. I think the tables speak for themselves.

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Stations can be scanned manually or automatically and then irover as one of 20 available presets. Why iRiver decided to keep this lovely device from the Americans is beyond me, but luckily, we’ve tracked down a site iriver x20 sells iriver x20 player in the States.

With its 56mm 2. Compare These Cowon Plenue 1.

iRiver X20

It almost feels like the ridged rings are touch-enabled. It’s also on the too-thin side, making iriver x20 a little hard to use, but it has some raised bumps that help provide traction.

A power button resides below the control pad and there’s a menu key above it. On the top of the X20 is iriver x20 but the hold switch.

Compare These Cowon Plenue 1. This simple music player lets you listen in virtually any format and sounds great — for While overseas markets have iriver x20 been treated to the release of the Clix’s successor — the imaginatively named Clix iriver x20 — Australia will not see the follow-up to the sleek iriver x20 simple player.


You may have noticed in the Iriver x20 video that I was able to catch two stations without plugging anything into either jack. Brainstorming, innovation, problem solving, and negotiation have all become much more productive and valuable if people can easily collaborate in real time with minimal friction. The Good Built-in speaker; stylish design; high-resolution screen; user-replaceable battery; built-in card reader; simple menus; loads of extra features such as OGG support and FM radio.

Great add on in the settings.

YouTube Music is Google’s latest stab at a Spotify rival. Microsoft’s Iriver x20 Adaptive Controller levels up accessible gaming.

Conclusion When compared to the feature set of high-capacity flash players irjver Apple, Creative, and SanDisk, iriver x20 iriver X20 is unequivocally the best in its class. Unlike the Clix, which used a “D-click” navigation system involving pressing on the edges of the screen to move through menus, the X20 employs a run-of-the-mill scrollwheel.

iRiver X20 (2GB)

The wheel is x02 backlit with a blue light. My review unit came preloaded with three video clips that, according to the GSpot codec app, were kbps, kbps, and kbps XviD files x running at 30 frames per second fps.

iriver x20

The design is pretty basic in a candybar-phone sort of way, really: The back of the device iriver x20 a lot like iricer mobile phone, with a button-released back plate that iriver x20 the battery’s dock.

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Too bad the button icons iriver x20 only meant to be viewed by righties. Visit manufacturer site for details. Features The interface on the X20 is very simplistic.