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Mike 2 years ago. May 22, 33 Comments. The two-tone design isn’t new to Cobra, they’ve been doing it for years, but for whatever reason, the design of the S3 appears to be a bit more seamless than previous incarnations. Buy Cobra S3 Driver Now! Can anyone compare the Cobra S2 vs S3 graphite irons. Was it the Blur TX , , or ? The club’s “E9 face technology” creates a 30 percent larger sweet-spot area than the S2 Offset driver to optimize ball speed and forgiveness where golfers impact the ball most often — low heel to high toe.

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Cobra S3 Irons – REVIEW

Tiger would love to see Tour allow shorts. Editor Review Add your review! Tue Nguyen 6 years ago. A few 10s, and plenty of 9s came back on our surveys, which, after the numbers were crunched, looked exactly king cobra s3 offset same as the look score.

Backing your test with actual data instead of blurbs makes it a lot more respectable.

Cobra S3 – New Woods and Irons –

If you’re whimpy fader of the ball like I was and losing distance as you reach more mature years, get your hands on one of these. I am 56 years old and came back to the golf seriously 18 months ago ,having played for 10 years with TM series. I came away thinking both clubs otfset fine, but felt the 2.

Apart from the excellent kinf, perhaps what I find king cobra s3 offset impressive about the S3 is, that while it’s most clearly a king cobra s3 offset improvement club, it doesn’t look the part quite as much as some others.

Does this have something to do with the lie and length of the shaft? So before Cobra Golf designers sat down and started to create the follow-up king cobra s3 offset the S2 driver, cobrq took a close look at those missed shots. Keep up the good work on the reviews! A true comparison test would be to compare the distance of matching lofted and length irons.

Thanks so much for your help in advance. I asked if they could send a partial order.

King Cobra Max Offset Driver 8101RGA105 10.5 Seniors

Our only gripe is the position of the iron number on the knig of the club. Performance, it seems, doesn’t change much especially with 1 year product cycles.


A high-strength steel and alloy composition in the long- and mid-irons allows for a thinner, hotter face for increased COR and ball speed. Even with the gap wedge he found king cobra s3 offset having to go easy. Otherwise, stop snobbery in golf.

This design element works to optimize distance and feel based on typical golfer impact patterns. Similar to an iron-hybrid combo set, the S3 Pro Irons offer a mixed bag of Cavity-back Long and Mid-irons for control and forgiveness on longer shots and Muscle-back Short-irons for feel cobbra workability closer king cobra s3 offset the green.

The offset on the clubface is distinctive – turned in at least a couple of degrees – so rather than try to make my regular fade more accurate using its anti-slice characteristics, I went for a more aggressive option.

Cobra S3 – New Woods and Irons for Spring 2011

So while the two most accurate testers posted A-level scores, the others were solid B-level at king cobra s3 offset. The computer graphed the dispersion about the size of a quarter for the S3 and the 2.

The shaft of the S3 is heavier though. I really, really wanted the S3 to be the club. I actually felt it was not as long as my tests with clubs with the Project X stock shafts. Brian 6 years ago.

They could label them A-H instead of 4-G, all that matters king cobra s3 offset that the golfer their distance for each club. Rate and review your clubs in coba PGA. Similar black in head and shaft king cobra s3 offset S3 driver but is non-adjustable. Though tests were conducted at yards with the club of the tester’s choosing, we encouraged our testers to hit some of the other clubs in the set. Doing a comparison distance test based on a 6 iron being called a 7 iron is absolutely pointless and that is misleading.

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