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As a bottom line, if you’re content to stay within range of the camera’s tether cable, this is by far the cheapest route to digital photo capability. JavaScript Disabled This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The color controls on the Exposure and Color control panel are fairly extensive: Now that they are, we finally have our own standard test images up on the site. Restart your software application to activate the camera adjustments you just made.

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Double-click on the My Computer icon.

Items of Interest

The aliasing gets worse with higher frequencies, up to about lines per picture height, when it just loses the lines completely. Robotics camera shows some aliasing above about lines, but shows less of it kodak dvc323 the Connectix VC. Running Diagnostics Running Diagnostics If you are having problems with your DVC camera, run the diagnostic software to determine if there is a Kodak driver kodak dvc323.

Settings and framing were matched as closely as possible upon initial set up and focusing of the images.

In fact, they clearly resolve the coarse rightmost section of the aliasing target, indicating resolution superior to the dgc323 cameras. By pressing ‘print’ button you kodak dvc323 print only current page.

Since the software is so integral to kodak dvc323 the device though, we’ll cover most functions here, and limit our discussion in the Software section to the other packages shipped with the device Also, the Connectix VC and Intel cameras show slightly different magnification in the horizontal and vertical directions.

You may want to play with the images in PhotoShop or another image-manipulation program though, to see for yourself how well they take sharpening.

Click on the OK button. Full three-channel color control is provided by Kodak’s own driver software for the ‘ though, and adjustments made there carry over to any application software that works with kodak dvc323 device. Another difference between these videos is falloff. Clicking the OPEN kodak dvc323 will lead us to kodak dvc323 window. The images we’ve kodak dvc323 on the site here are “raw,” without the benefit of this sharpening function, as we wanted to most fairly portray the operation of the camera kodak dvc323.

The sharpness and geometric distortion differences between the cameras shows up even more clearly than in the doll scene. Printing Your Pictures 4.

Sam’s Laser FAQ – Items of Interest

Our comments on comparing the cameras. The DVC and similar devices point to a coming time when cameras on computers become as ubiquitous as CD drives, and images become a natural, effortless part of routine business documents. It is the ability to reproduce colors accurately, or at least in a natural way.


The image from the Connectix VC is quite soft, and it doesn’t clearly resolve even lines per kodak dvc323 height. Permission requests should be sent to: From here, you can adjust the camera characteristics, take a still picture, or record a video. Have the DVC camera connected to your computer, its serial number ready, and be at your computer when you call.

The Intel kodak dvc323 fine for x but worse at x Click on Download Now and kodak dvc323 File Download box kodak dvc323 appear. Kodak dvc323 is the appearance of random or patterned grains or specks in the images or videos.

On this screen you can see two choices, you want to select the second choice, “Install from a list or specific location Advanced. A level of lux was used for the fluorescent lights. If the camera was previously operating properly, unplug the camera and re-install the DVC software.

For wider scenes, adjustments to the lighting can easily minimize the effect.

All videos fvc323 the CD have some contouring and other degradation visible due to compression using the Radius Cinepak codec. The Kodak dvc323 cameras were a random sample from a retail shipment. Capture still kodak dvc323 or record video clips with sound using PictureWorks Live software Please enable Cookies on your browser and try again.

What to look for when comparing the cameras 4. Robotics analog video camera appears to be the best.

Then adjust the hue slider until the image looks correct. Never use harsh kodak dvc323 abrasive cleaners or organic solvents on the camera or any of its parts.

Robotics camera shows the most barrel distortion, and also shows some horizontal and vertical magnification difference.

Viewing them on a 16 bit High Color display will introduce additional noise and quantitization artifacts. The Kodak tests appear to be reasonably well conducted and controlled, and remarkably even-handed, but we take no kodak dvc323 and make kodak dvc323 comment on their results.