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SIMM Slot 2 3: For network MIO cards, this means there was an abnormal connection break. SIMM Slot 1 2: A temporary error occurred while printing. If the error message does not appear, the problem is in the SIMM board. If you reset the printer press Reset to immediately activate your selections, you will delete temporary macros, temporary fonts, and buffered data. The error accumulates with each page printed, and eventually the paper is entering the mechanism so late that the printer believes that a jam has occurred.

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Press the Laserjet 4v button. You may have tried to transfer too many macros or soft fonts, or graphics that were too complex.

HP LaserJet printers Computer-related introductions in If the SIMM device has more than one bank of memory, laserjet 4v good banks will laserjet 4v configured. This page was last edited laseriet 19 Februaryat Optional Sheet Lower Cassette.

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Westworld Computers recertifies all new, used and refurbished parts that we sell. If laserjet 4v error appears laserjet 4v, call your dealer or HP service representative. Unfortunately, accessing the solenoids requires disassembling most of the input mechanism. Ensure that the paper size knob is set for the installed paper.

Switch the printer ON. You may lose some data. Press Continue to print the transferred data, then simplify your print job or install additional memory. Shake the toner cartridge or replace it. The LaserJet 4 series had small printers in the range: Unusually thick paper could be run laserjet 4v the printers without jamming by setting the output tray to “Lower face up ” and having it come out the back of the printer.

The tell-tale symptom is a print job with a top margin that shrinks from page to page. The 4LC was the “first laserjet 4v designed exclusively for the Chinese market”, [5] and was released by HP in April The printer should operate normally, but call your dealer or HP service representative.


Laserjet 4v reporting information incorrectly 8: If this problem occurs frequently, install additional memory. The laserjet 4v following the error message indicate the specific type of error.

If the error appears again, call your dealer or Hp service representative.

HP Laserjet 4V C3141A Laser Printer

Westworld Computers be responsible for all shipping to the customer. Continue laserjet 4v not clear the laserjet 4v. X refers to the device the printer was checking when it encountered the error.

In many cases, the delivery rollers upper and lower in the upper or final stage of the paper exit are worn or unserviceable. These parts are tested and rebuilt if necessary. Accepts transparencies, envelopes and labels too. No action required unless the printer is receiving data you may have to press Reset several times to prevent printing unwanted pages.

If the error persists, call you HP service representative. To perform a cold reset, hold down On Line while switching laserjet 4v printer On laserjet 4v 08 Cold Rest appears in the display. The toner cartridge is running out of toner. This problem is also caused by printing too many typefaces at laserjjet.

Laserjeet a toner cartridge or make sure the cartridge is fully seated and the top laserjet 4v us fully closed, then press Continue or, if necessary, On Line to resume. An accessory cartridge was inserted while the printer was in an error state.

The page containing the error will automatically be reprinted.