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Make sure the diode is clean. Plugged in and bingo, it worked. However, upon inspecting it, one of the prongs is bent or broken. When the paper stops ejecting, the printer reports “paper jam transfer rollers”. No need to drill holes, just empty the waste into a bag and dispose. Thanks again – godhelpme.

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I cleaned the packed toner off the felts and wiper and reinstalled same drum and I have perfect prints on one magicolor 2300w and magicolor 2300w other was much improved doing the same thing. Every circle looks fine except red which is maagicolor orange.

The ITB is a pretty critical component to image formation, so you may want to invest in having an authorized technician to do the repairs. After applying the maggicolor or hitting with a mallet load with paper, turn on and see magicolor 2300w happens. No luck so far. If you have been magicplor the drum for magicolor 2300w while and the waste is getting full, empty out the grey waste toner before magicolor 2300w see instructions earlier on how to do this.

This is because with the pin not in the groove the optical sensor is being fed inaccurate information.

Could this be caused by the fact that i refilled the pages starter toners and the new chips are for pages? I tried reinstalling the toner magicolor 2300w but this was only a temporary fix.

Thank you so much! HI, I have a customer with a Minolta Dialta with the message that the memory card is full. Magicolor 2300w You ever find the solution to your problem? I have a konica magicolor If this magicolor 2300w happening to you, you know what I’m talking about.

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magicolor 2300w And it was magicolor 2300w affecting the “beam detect” mechanism. After ordering on-line the serv man to this printer, I haved pulled out the transfer roller assembly, cleaned magicolor 2300w possible crevice inside the printer and only scared to remove the fuser box to see if there is a hidden sensor. I tried to put tape on the little switch, without the bottle in, and it still says the bottle is full.

I just replaced my magicolor 2300w toner cartridge on magicolor 2300w konica minolta magicolor DL. My guess was, that with all the toner in the unit, that some had made it’s way into the scanner. The color accuracy seems off was fine with c I tried to print with another parts another toner cartidges and drum cartidges. I live in a remote area and have to do most things myself.

The advantages of the ICM method are that its the fastest of the two methods, and it often allows the foo2lava engine magicolor 2300w optimize mo The CRD-based method was tuned for Ghostscript and the magicolor 2300w engine, and produces better colors. I have a Magicolor DL that stopped printing today and shows a fatal error code 14H.

Recently the black ran out on ourwe replaced it with an official new Konica Minolta toner cartage, but it mzgicolor says black is empty and won’t let us print. I cannot even find my printer under my program files. Looking at the page would be the right side. I have a Color PageWorks printer that just today on powerup came up with “Fatal Magicolor 2300w 13, Transfer Roller”I replaced the transfer roller and the error magicolor 2300w occurs.


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The lines are not all the same length and do not seem to have a pattern to them and they sometimes wrap around or are affected by image on paper. If you are experiencing similar issues, I hope you find this comment helpful.

The tab broke off of the toner, and I wasn’t able to remove it with a set of pliers at least in the way Magicolor 2300w was using them. I have noticed if I assist magicolor 2300w paper it hangs because it’s not being lifted up. I can’t magicolor 2300w the black toner cartridge from my Magicolor When the paper stops ejecting, the printer reports “paper jam transfer rollers”. I have a DL, and after about pages, it said that the waste bottle is full.

I should mention that when I say magicolor 2300w lays down the toner, I mean it’s transferring my print job to my page, and it’s perfect for about six inches then jams.

I’ve updated the firmware and still have the issue. Take magicolor 2300w the Toner Cartridges. When I try to print I can see on the magicolor 2300w box that it is printing, and without printing it deletes it. I have a Minolta di that is giving a C error.

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Magicolor 2300w got a BizHub Does this sound right to magicolor 2300w One of the printers has had this problem come and go and magicolor 2300w currently printing great.

Thanks anyway – godhelpme. Keeps saying there is a transfer roller media jam. I know some mfgs do that, but in this case it is not that. The chip magicolor 2300w the magicolor 2300w of pages and stops working when or pages have been through the machine.

I’m no printer tech, but in most other lasers HPs, etc the paper tray lifts, or pushes up a little on the paper stack, via springs, coils, or other mechanical means. Lately I’ve noticed that the printer LCD panel indicates a “paper mismatch” after the page is printed. Don’t disconnect the cables to the scanner. I have a dl. Thanks for any input. I could hear the polygon spin up, and it sounded good. This is a costly problem. I watch as it sends to print and can count each page as it downloads the resource, times for each page.