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True beauty in the purest form. I think you can also find that Miura has been evolving this design over quite a while in their Japanese line. To provide a general sense of how the CB57 performs, however, we hit it side by side with a modern blade offerings. Miura has the quality, and so does Parsons, but are they equal to most purchasers Golf Swings or are the clubs and overkill. I’m totally cool with that. I wanted to like em but they were average at best.

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Mike 3 years ago. Sometimes pros without an equipment mizuno t-zoid blue rage can be found to bag miuras too, see: Given that all Miura irons are custom built, it’s difficult to really compare Miura to an off-the-rack offering. I look forward to putting them into play. So I went to another city for a fitting To really test out he Miura and to change out my shafts in my S That’s the mizuno t-zoid blue rage about Miura Way out of any reasonable price range for me.

Very nice review for the beautiful Muira irons. Now it is Parsons Golf for how long. Mark 3 years ago.

Miura CB57 Iron Review

And one more thing. Miura’s steel is the topic of some debate. Noteworthy is that across all shots, the CB57 produced a tighter dispersion pattern, and was, on average, closer to the target line. Sharkhark 3 years ago.

A good friend of mine is a positive handicap and has been playing Mizuno muscle backs hit Swing Sync blades when he played as a pro. When I think of them they bring back fond memories. All of this suggests that, number for number, the Mizuno t-zoid blue rage should be a bit longer.

There is enjoyment to be found in the game itself. Mizuno t-zoid blue rage accustomed to the feel of a Mizuno forging may find Miura offerings including the CB57 a tad clickier, but my opinion is that shot for shot, no iron provides more rewarding feedback than Miura. However it is true that you get what you pay for…a magnificent feeling t-zoix that will spoil you from ever buying an off the rack set again…fitted or not. Now they have to pay guys to get their clubs out there, interesting aint it.


The Club Report – Miura CB57 Irons

Mizuno t-zoid blue rage is unique and its a sensation that only the player can experience, so if you like the looks and feel of a certain model and it gives you pleasure, by all means go for it! Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter?

Is this model in LH. The subtext is that it doesn’t always need to be about shooting the lowest score. Eron C 3 years ago.

Sign me up for the newsletter. Neil 3 years ago.

Probably would be expensive but Mizuno t-zoid blue rage wonder how this Muira set built to your specs would compare to the new Ben Hogan irons built to your specs? He can work the i25s just as well as his Mizunos or Swing Syncs. Mizubo have the 24, 28, 32, 36 and 40 degree irons.

Miura designs are timeless and the company’s release cycles reflect that. Pings are not junkmore guys on tour including Ryan Moore who dont have iron contracts use more ping than any thing else mizuno t-zoid blue rage Im not a ping guy. Felt incredible when hitting that dime size sweet spot…. It seems almost unfathomable, but it’s been 3. I’ve rediscovered perfection and I’m finding it difficult to walk away.

Sira you dont see kj use em anymore do ya, Ryan Moore used them fr a very short timeand there are a lot of mizuno t-zoid blue rage on tour who have company contracts that allow them to use irons of their choice, most taylormade contracts t-zold that and none of those guys use miuras but other oem clubs.