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Its a good sounding pedal with a nice amount of gain and almost a fuzz-like quality on certain settings. Mar 19, 5. Mar 19, 7. Jul 12, So I figured it must be an issue with the daisy chain. And Gone if I substituted another pedal.

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I get the feeling it’s something to do with the design of the pedal, rather than a one-off issue with individual pedals.

MXR FET Driver vs. Butler Tube Driver | The Gear Page

Mar 20, Thanks for the reply! The pedal’s natural-sounding dirt also blends beautifully with amp overdrive for meaty lead tones – just the way Bonamassa likes it. Not really a reason to return a pedal IMO.

Jul 11, 8. Jul 12, ODGreen27Jul 12, It’s not the cheapest overdrive on the shelf, but Bonamassa and MXR got this one right, with a great range of sounds and a natural-sounding overdrive that suits both feg and dirty amps. While I haven’t gotten a chance to try the Mxe, I’ve used Tube Drivers for years and they are smoother and clearer sounding than a fuzz – the sound can mr big and fat, but not in a messy way like a fuzz face, and the TD cuts through the mix better than a fuzz, which can get lost in the mix.

Does it get close to that Tube Driver sound? Mar 19, The FET Driver pedal is designed to thicken up lead playing, and its tones range from soft mxr fet driver vs tube to mxr fet driver vs tube distortion.



ToneRangerJan 21, Thanks for all of the help and awesome responses! No, create an account now. Mar 19, 9. Thanks again, for all the advice! Our Verdict A pricey but worthwhile overdrive that suits both clean and mxr fet driver vs tube amps, especially for bluesy leads.

I’d like to buy another one but not if they all have this problem Jul 11, 7. But it sounds like you already just sent it back, though.

MXR FET Driver vs fuzz pedals

Didn’t keep it long. In fact, crank up the gain and it’s so smooth that it begins to drivre on fuzz territory, in contrast to the crunchy low-gain sounds. I’ve been looking at this pedal for a while but haven’t been able to try one out.

BurstbuckerJul 11, Jul 11, 6. I had the fet,and sent it back. Log in or Sign up. It didn’t work out for him although he did say it sounded good at home. Ruger, thanks for all the suggestions I’ll definitely check out the Keeley!

Mar 19, 7. Mar 19, 5. It was there whether or not the pedal was on or off.

ODGreen27Jul 8, Gilmourfan75Jan 22,