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Follow the procedure described below to specify an address e-mail address, FTP address or SMB address from the favorite list as the recipient of the scan data. When the magenta toner cartridge is removed, a gap is created within the machine Adjust the contrast Contrast Control the darkness of an image Brightness Adjust the saturation of printed image Saturation Adjust the sharpness of the printed image Sharpness Version Tab The Version Tab allows you to view information about the printer driver. If the problem is not resolved, even after all of the above have been performed, contact your Oki dealer with the error information. Loading Plain Paper Pull out Tray 2 as far as possible. In the main screen Scan mode , press the up arrow or down arrow key to select the current data destination setting, and then press the Enter key. Use the Monitor k Perceptual setting.

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Fan the paper, and align its edges. Paper Size error After the cover is opened and closed, error is cancelled. Page After the toner cartridges have oki mc160n printer ished rotating, open the front cover. Reconnect the AC power cable and switch the printer on. A toner cartridge may be leaking.

printerr Lift the cover slightly to oki mc160n printer it from the printer. Page Note Oki mc160n printer not touch the matching connectors pprinter the fuser unit and the machine. Page Note Do not touch the contact indicated in the illustration. The Colour Swatch function prints charts which contain a range of sample colours. Follow the procedure described below to specify an address e-mail address, FTP address or SMB address oki mc160n printer the favorite list as the recipient of the scan data.

You always adjust the media guides in Tray 1 after inserting the media a guide that is not properly adjusted can cause poor print quality, media mis- feeds, and machine damage.

For general use the automatic settings will suffice, providing reasonable default settings that will produce good results for most documents. Remove the imaging cartridge and check for damage. Setting Duplex Double-Sided Copying In order to perform double-sided copying, the duplex option must be installed on the machine.

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This appears only when the duplex option has been installed. Page 73 Lift the right-hand end of the cartridge and then draw the cartridge to the right to release the left-hand end as shown, and withdraw the toner cartridge from the machine. To remove a locking pin, turn it oki mc160n printer either the left or the right so that oki mc160n printer grip is vertical, and then pull out the locking pin to remove it. Remove any misfed media.

Page Remove any missed media. Page C6 and Envelope DLload the envelopes with the flap edge toward the machine and the flap side facing down. Try printing your data on a oki mc160n printer of plain paper first to check placement. Repeat Copying With repeat copying, small documents, such as memos, are tiled and printed on a single page.


Oki MC160N User Manual

The indicated cover Oki mc160n printer the indicated oki mc160n printer open. Touching anything other than the indicated levers may result in burns. Unfused toner can mess your hands, clothes, or anything else it gets on. Where items in the printer driver are the same as those in the operator panel menus, and you print documents from Windows, the settings in the Windows printer driver will override those items in the operator panel menus.

Do not tap media stacks on the machine. Press the up arrow or down arrow key to select the desired data, and then press the Enter key. To add an additional e-mail address, select ADD in step 4, and then specify the destination.

Your email address will not be published. If necessary, use the SDM Printer Discovery window to find all available printers on your network or connected to your computer. Load paper into Tray 2. Documents sent in this way are protected by a PIN personal identification oki mc160n printerwhich must be entered before they will print.

Right-click the MCn printer icon, and then select Printing Preferences. Types, Plain Paper recycled Paper Types Before purchasing a large quantity of special media, do a trial print with the same media and check the print quality. Load the paper face up oki mc160n printer the tray.


There is not much toner oki mc160n printer in the car- tridge. Install a correct Oki toner cartridge approved for your specific machine. Carefully pull out the missed media. Duplex Double-Sided Copying From the Original Glass Duplex double-sided copying can also be oki mc160n printer by placing the document on the original glass. Page 32 If you wish to use the MFP to save files, in addition to making some settings in Web Server, you will have to confirm that the account has writing privilege for connecting to the Web Server.

Making Advanced Copies This section oki mc160n printer descriptions on setting 2in1 copying, ID card copying, repeat copying, poster copying, duplex double-sided copying and collated Sort copying. Specify the desired scan settings. Document output tray 4. Media Storage Media Storage Keep media on a flat, level surface in its original wrapper until it is time to load it.

Deleting a Queued Transmission Job The list of jobs queued for transmission can be displayed, and a job can be deleted. Printer Driver Epson Download.