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I have a Mac and Rane Any advice is much appreciated. Now I’m at a crossroad because I have to decide which direction I want to go. Can I even still use serato??? Please remember the community rules when posting and try to be polite and inclusive. My library is loaded through iTunes. Has anyone had that issue and figured out a solution?

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Again this is just a guess but I will say this.

Thanks to Soulsides and Edenterrorist for sharing! I have done it on over 25 laptops now, all happy satisfied friends and clients.

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My macbook pro is probably considered old now too but I don’t think I need to upgrade sersto yet. Has anyone experienced this and how do I fix this issue??? Is it difficult to do? I have connected my SL1 to my macbook pro, on which im running Sierra Can I even still use serato??? rane serato sl1

Anybody has overcome this yet? I’m running a mid Macbook Pro 15″ with a SL3 box.

Serato SL1

The simple reason Scratch Live still does and always will work with the SL1 is each new feature has been added in and at the core there is still the original program. Has anyone had that issue rane serato sl1 figured out a solution?

Were not going to post ls1 same answers over and over and over rane serato sl1 because your too lazy to ready through the threads to obtain said information thats been relayed over and over again.

To participate in this discussion, we need a few basic details from you. Any ideas or advice?

ScratchLive + SL1 + new Mac OS Sierra |

I played around with a ddj-sx a couple days ago, saw some videos on the sz, and it is pretty amazing what you seerato do with that thing and serato. Now I just got an email from serato rane serato sl1 me to upgrade.


I will try a reinstall and see what happens. Something is of value if someone is willing to pay it. By that logic Technics wouldn’t be worth much either. Set with an error in the rane serato sl1, but Now I’m at a crossroad because I have to decide which direction I want to go. One thing I’ve noticed is randomly sl a short tiny skip in the audio. rane serato sl1

Tested in the flow of hour, as though all be well. Scratch live works fine in Sierra DJ Ch vez Luckily I just met someone who rane serato sl1 the ddj-sx so hopefully I can play around on theirs a couple times to help me decide. Now all of a sudden, its not compatible. There’s always more to it.

Serato SL1: Pro Audio Equipment | eBay

My current setup is: What serrato would you like to see seraro Serato software? That is fact and not open for debate. The way I look at it, I’m either going to have to: I went on the site to see rane serato sl1 scratch live is becoming serato dj.

Your accepting full responsibility either rane serato sl1 when purchasing a newer macbook pro since they are not considered to work with Serato Scratch Live. I can’t really explain the technology here, but its clear that the java runtime code avoids crashing old software in Sierra.