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At this moment wifi works fine but sometimes I have interruptions and I have to stay 1m from my router away. I’ve tried all the suggestions regarding compiling a driver, but on my computer it exits with error 2 during the make install. Same problem, same symptoms on a new Toshiba LP. The very strange thing about all this is I have to turn off WPA in order to connect at all, and even then it is for a very limited time, and that is out of the box. I really wish this would get fixed so I can use Linux rather than Windows 7 as my laptop is not terribly fast. Thanks for you pointing out.

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I am using the i version as I only have 3gig of mem to begin with. I wil wjreless this out some realtek rtl8191se/rtl8192se wireless lan card. The very strange thing about all this is I have to turn off WPA in order to connect at all, and even then it is for a very limited time, and that is out of the box.

We can go into the permanent blocking of the driver with blacklisting if needs be later. I changed my wireless security to connect through WPA and the connection is working fine with the latest drivers. Please login or register.

Realtek driver for RTL8192SE and Windows 7 64bit

Martin, it is a generic laptop system made an unknown ODM. Nigel Pallett nigelp wrote on Next can you show content of the two following statements, normal user should be realte in konsole: It randomly locks up my machine – sometimes within minutes of boot, othertimes within hours. Since that time the connection was a nightmare.


I did try that and it was still no go. I’m just still learning the finer intricacies of Linux myself. Valdimir No, it is still there.

[SOLVED]How many of you have problems with Realtek se Wireless Adapter

Thanks for the Win2K driver tip. After connecting to the router it went to the router max 54Mbps.

In my case, i wasn’t abble to connect into N-based network with WEP. RF Change in progress!

I am merely suggesting that those who are able to “see” rexltek network, but are still unable to connect should at least “try” what I suggested. It’s not deactivated, it crashes. The same problems exists wtih 2. Thanks for you pointing out. But I realtek rtl8191se/rtl8192se wireless lan card say you need the following file instead your first one rtlse-firmware You should be called David Woo Woo!!!

Wireless won’t work on Lenovo Thinkpad T – rtlse. BTW, I’m running Karmic with the 2. I manually installed the driver, as suggested by David, but I get what seems to be a kernel panic! My wireless scurity is: Rrl8191se/rtl8192se card is Realtek Semiconductor Co.

The descriptive material may be right and the firmware is already there, or it was lying. As you mentioned, I’ll check the driver with realtek rtl8191se/rtl8192se wireless lan card kernel 2. Results 1 to 5 of 5. Thanks and kind regards Mark. Katana katana– wrote on The driver has been verified Ok with the kernel version of 2.