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Ssekandi Reagan March 24, Sajid waheed, If you tried replacing memory but the problem still there, most likely the motherboard failing. Both external and Headphones sounds audio at the same time. Skip to Main Content. Any idea about what is causing this problem? My Lenovo Thinkpad R61 shows a white screen after I switch the power on. Now plug in the AC adapter again.

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Otherwise get ready to buy a new computer.

Most common hardware problems | Laptop Repair

Thanks for reply of my previous mail No. First of all, test your laptop with an external monitor or TV. Kindly lemme know asap. Maybe your new screens are not compatible.

My issue is this. Devchandra thakur October 1, Michael September 17, Reinstalled Windows and for some time it worked smoothly then faced same problem again. This is a very weird problem. Lenovo y my laptop is not connecting sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 the internet. Slavi March 8, It just display the model of the laptop. On some laptops you can reduce the CPU speed when it runs off the battery. When I plug the AC adaptor a faint click noise sounds but no light is turned on. Try removing one RAM module at a time and test the laptop with each sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 separately.

I carefully worked around the keyboard not wanting to disconnect it to cause damage to it.

I brought a new battery vaik it still does the same thing. Support by Sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 Mobile App. What can I do. I beg u in the name of God pls email me back.

Siva Prasad October 15, I turned it off removed the battery.

I have tried moving the adapter tip inside the DC jack connector and the battery indicator flashes too. Sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 Kumar Dang November 29, Hi My computer screen does not turn on but on turning on the laptop beep sound comes.

If your old screen shows image but new screens have only vertical lines, this is some kind of compatibility issue.

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I have an LCD screen that sometimes shows a faded image with horizontal white lines and vertical multi-colored lines that slowly shift around. Test voltage on the AC adapter tip.

I connect it to an external monitor and the entire screen is fine. The laptop turn on without showing any image on the screen. I replaced this, but now when powered up the power light comes on aswell as the fan. Did you search for the correct audio laptopp on HP website? It looks sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 error could be hard drive related.


Ty and Happy Holidays! After that it would load windows. Whenever I unplugged my charger laptop start working slow. This error can be caused by unplugging a removable storage device such as external USB drive while the device is in use, or by faulty hardware such as sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 hard drive or CD-ROM drive that is failing.

I immediately cleaned it out and got the water out and everything works fine but i realised that my battery wont charge. It is having inbuilt ati radeon graphics.

Besides, you can also look for the sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 kaptop near the keyboard that has the pic of a HD.

I took it apart ,aptop the serial number and ordered the replacement screen. Read this guide for bare bone system troubleshooting. Should I be replacing my AC adapter? I would test the AC adapter.

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Hi, hope that you can help me… I put my laptop on ,aptop sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 said starting windows and was normal and as soon as the screen went blue like it always does while busy going on it vvn-cr353 and went black and then white and then the laptop made a loud weird noice and just went off… A weird smell came out and it went straight away hot. Hamza hussain July 13, What is your laptop model? Does an ac adapter have to give a steady voltage for it to work correctly as I have an adapter that is reading an initial sony vaio laptop vgn-cr353 but then drops back to 0 again without disconnecting anything.

I have most of my design work vgn-r353 my pc as im a graphic designer and i created my portfolio on this pc 2 years ago and now what do i do? I explained this process here.

Recenetly I had to purchase a new AC adapter W with 6. How to solve the problem?