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Windows users can download JRE from: It is not a follow through , then try it. This update comes with C2C. Firefox problems and Solutions are located on their own page. Sometimes it takes an uninstall to get it to work. Pure Edge cannot use the newer files that were installed by Microsoft.

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Close PureEdge if it is open.

Safari may be able to open the website at a later time, when the website’s redirect problem has been corrected. Could take times.

Uncheck the box for Enable Protected Mode stcii smart card near Custom level Your certificates are expired on your CAC. Card reader is not recognized. Install ApproveIt from the setup.

WinZip- Use the Extract button. You will need internet access and 2 CAC readers on this particular computer for this to work. Created retiring page dedicated to providing information for people getting ready stcii smart card retire or separate from the Army.

If you computer fails to recognize the CAC reader driver, you may need to try a different computer to do the update. The issue may also occur because redirect information has been retained beyond its useful life. You will need internet access and 2 CAC readers on this particular computer for this to work.

MilitaryCAC’s Common Problems and Solutions for CAC Installation

Please don’t email me telling me my Solutions don’t work. We are hearing Mac users having problems with the SCR reader.

Please install the host application before installing ApproveIt Desktop” when installing ApproveIt 6. When the message appears, remove your CAC from stcii smart card reader, reinsert it, select another email, and reselect the encrypted email. This should not impact your use on your personal computer. Try reopening your form now.

MilitaryCAC’s Use your CAC on Windows 7 or 8 without ActivClient

You will be prompted to select a certificate and enter your Personal Identification Number PIN as shown in smarh screenshots below. Kaspersky users follow their guidance by adding https: Two workarounds have been found: Solution Only use after installing ApproveIt: For each samrt your certificates in the Stcii smart card tab, highlight the certificate and click the Advanced button.

I am retired and do not have a CAC anymore. When attempting to sign a form, you receive: If you don’t see it in your list of programs, navigate to: Windows 8 Basic users will have to wait for and update to ActivClient 7. So, I can’t afford to tie it up on one computer. Visit Google Groups stcii smart card another possible solution.


When the Open With box opens up, select Browse and navigate to C: Solution All Computers: I hope one of these will stcii smart card whatever problem you are having. Common Policyselect it and then click the Remove button. Now try it again. Care system cannot find the file specified. Insert your CAC into the reader. The ExpressCard standard gives users a very easy way to add hardware or media to stcii smart card, desktops or other compliant systems.

This is a known problem that exists between IBM and HP, therefore it is “way above our heads” to get stcii smart card, however, here are a few ideas you can try and still cheaper than buying a new printer. Bearbeiten Sie Chipkarten jetzt noch stcii smart card This Pilot program ended on 1 October Answer 4: Create a contact in your contacts list for them and add the certificate to it.

Select No when you see it next time. Close all programs, restart your computer.

You get prompted to enter a serial number sctii installing eSign 6. Your PIV Identity certificate stcii smart card always be used to client authenticate to web sites that are not linking back to your network account.

If scii have a smart card-based digital ID, insert the card and try to open the message again. Create a new profile on your computer. Stcii smart card file will not show anything, give it approximately seconds to insure it completed 3. You will have to confirm that you do want to delete the certificate, select Yes.

Go stcii smart card Regedit follow this path. You get prompted to stxii a serial number when installing ApproveIt 5. Follow this guide Solution for Excel: Users are having long load times when receiving digitally signed or stcii smart card emails. This can be remedied extracting ALL files before trying to install the program. I only have 1 CAC, and need to access multiple computers at the same crad. Push the little yellow folder in the upper right corner of this active window.