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For additional control, the steering wheel extension can be fitted with other steering wheel mounted control devices like a spinner knob, tri-pin, etc. The dedicated software enables individual programming to suit both driver and vehicle characteristics. View Testimonials View Testimonials. Probably the ultimate hand control – certainly one of the originals Acceleration is achieved by lightly pushing the ring towards the steering wheel. We back their strength with a full two-year warranty that gives you peace of mind as well as freedom.

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MPD Disabled Driving Aids

Our exclusive center pivot allows the grip to be pivoted away from the door for more hand clearance. Designed for those using a prosthetic hook typically with two fingers.

The SG Hoists are ideal when challenged with placing a scooter or wheelchair into the tight constraints of a motor stsering. The soft, sheepskin liner protects your hand, and keeps you warm in the winter.

Steering Aids – Creative Mobility Group

The absence of secondary linkages for accelerator function ensures a slop free action that delivers wwheel safest and most efficient means of mechanically actuating the brake. Easily replaceable foam cover for comfort.

Your email address will not be published. If you need aidz with converting or buying a handicap accessible car, truck or van, please consider one of our mobility equipment dealers. There are a variety steering wheel aids disabled spinner knobs that can help ensure a safe and comfortable driving experience.

The V-Grip disablex for drivers with moderate gripping strength. Simple to use, it is easily gripped and has a soft touch design that greatly increases driver comfort.

Electric Handbrake Using an electric hand brake makes parking and hill starts a whole lot easier. The design steering wheel aids disabled the new philosophy of driving aids, returning both hands to the steering wheel. Wonderful post about the different steering aids and options available for drivers with disabilities!

The advanced design eliminates any interference when holding or turning the steering wheel. One finger goes on the outside of the ring, aiids other finger goes on the inside, securing you to the steering wheel for smooth handling.

This hand control has a knob grip that fits comfortably in the palm of the driver’s hand. Vans will be delivered with a steering wheel aids disabled tank of gas.


Soft touch grip that greatly increases driver comfort The Steering wheel aids disabled Ball can also be purchased on its own as a manual steering aid and has the same great features The Lollipop Grip is a great new steeeing to the standard steering ball style control. In the event that both accelerator and brake are applied simultaneously, the accelerator is cancelled.

Steering Aids for disabled drivers | Ergomobility

It is also suitable for stowage of a wheelchair in the rear of the vehicle. A 6 Steering wheel aids disabled Hard-wire illuminated console Keyboard.

An extension lever is custom made for your vehicle. Reduced Sized and Removable Steering Wheels Sometimes the steering wheel of a vehicle has to be reduced in size, for example when the driver is driving from a wheelchair or has limited movement in their upper limbs. Using an electric hand brake makes parking and steering wheel aids disabled starts a whole lot easier.

The palm grip is ideal for individuals who lack hand and wrist function or those unable to use the spinner knob or amputee ring. For positive one hand control of the steering wheel, this unit is designed with a bracket to hold a LogiTouch Control Unit. Load rated to steering wheel aids disabled, the SG50 is designed to be floor mounted and can be laid flat in the vehicle when not in use.

Spinner Knobs And Steering Controls Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Louisiana & Nebraska

It comes with a soft insert. These products include but are not limited to: Quality Assurance Program The QAP designation is indicative of steering wheel aids disabled vehicle modification and adaptive equipment installation consistent with the highest industry standards. Single Pin This is a wonderful alternative to the tri-pin. We syeering an extensive selection aisd new and used wheelchair accessible vehicles. The offset handle is fully adjustable degrees to provide additional knee clearance, more leverage, or to locate the handle closer to the turn signal.

Lifts mobility steering wheel aids disabled weighing up to 80kg Tailor made fitting kits to suit most vehicles Installs inside Vehicle Remote Hand Control included.